Hi Folks,

This is our first blog so don't be surprised if we seem to cover alot of ground fast.

I've been retired from the trunk making business for several years but recently was blessed with a large amount of lumber that was in storage for many years.

So I guess I'm back!

If you check out this sight you will see we make early American style trunks, chests, boxes and cases, as well as the period correct hardware for each of them. 

    Recently I was building panels for our dowry or wedding chest and I thought to myself it might just be possible to make a beautiful colonial style picture frame using that design. Later that day I showed that panel to my brother-in-law and the first thing out of his mouth was "Boy, that sure would make a neat looking picture frame, wouldn't it?"

I told him that was the confirmation I needed and I began designing a new product for our business.

After I had finished the first one, Brother Steve was quite delighted with what we had come up with.

I told him either great minds work together or it took two of us to think of it! ??

Anyway, we know are presenting the first of many colonial style picture frames. 

Attention Tole and One Stroke Painters. These frames are being made with you in mind.

If you have any variations you would like to see (or paint) let us know. We are already working on solid panels for wall hangings. Kind of "Colonial chest art"

That's it for now,

God Bless,

The Lock and Box Shoppe