Thank You for your patronage to our Shoppe. My Wife and I would like to extend our best hopes and prayers for you all in the coming year. This has been a wonderful year for us as we have enjoyed building this cottage industry together. 

    The year has also had some unexpected surprises. We were offered a piece of Property with a two story pre-Civil War Home on it. Well long story short, The home is in need of much repair and needs totally refinished and refurnished.

Having been a contracter and cabinet maker for almost 40 years we decided to take on the challenge. In doing so we will be building all of the furnishings and cabinets for this home from reclaimed Barn wood taken from our new property and surrounding farms. We have decided, as we build these early American style reproductions that we will also offer them to all who have the same want and need for Early American Decor.

    First up is a Flat Back Corner Cabinet with a beautifully designed wall mount base. Now being offered for $695.00/ free continental U.S. shipping. Check out our gallery for this listing.

Please check back often because we will be making new items quite often.